Large Group

Large Group: Thursday's at 8pm in Burgiss Theater in Trone

This semester's sermon series is on Relationships.

You might consider "Large Group" our main event each week (as the name implies). This is a time for us to gather together to mingle, sing, pray and hear teaching from God's Word. Each semester we visit a different book of the Bible or theme. In the past we've looked at Mark's Gospel, Exodus, Ephesians, Dating/Marriage/Sex, etc.

Large Group is open to all, whether you're thinking about Christianity for the first time, or you grew up as the Sunday School All-Star. We try to make Large Group welcoming and open, but we also know that it might feel strange walking in for the first few meetings. You might have the feeling that everyone already knows each other, and the songs. Like most things in life, it's best if you stick with it for a while...what you'll find is a community that is broken and sinful, but also quite beautiful.

We meet every Thursday at 8pm in Burgiss Theater inside the Trone Student Center.